Crystal Therapy Healing

What is crystal therapy healing?

Crystal therapy healing is a holistic treatment that uses crystal energy to balance body and mind.

We are all made up of energy flowing around our bodies.  However, if that flow becomes blocked or unbalanced, this can cause illness and pain. 

Every crystal has its own unique energetic properties, which can affect our own energy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Therefore, we can unblock or balance our energy flow by using the right crystal and directing its energy to where it is needed.

Accordingly, just holding or being near crystals can affect us on any level.

Crystal therapy can be used on its own or alongside any other therapy as crystals work in a gentle and therapeutic way.

Having had crystal healing myself and been amazed at the effects, I decided to train with Krista Mitchell to learn more for my own use and to now add this modality to my services. 

crystal Therapy Healing in Person

Any therapy session will start with consultation .

This information is important as it indicates which crystals to use to help the session to be as effective as possible.  However, any information provided will be kept confidential.

You will be invited to lie on a massage table, fully clothes for the session

Firstly I scan your energy field (or aura) and then place the crystals on or around the body as required. 

After the crystals are placed, you will be left to relax for a period of time so that the crystals can work their magic.

Additionally, reiki energy can be channelled into the body to provide further support if requested. 

After the session you may feel more emotional or even dizzy.  This is normal and is a sign that things are shifting within you.  I would recommend drinking lots of water of the following 24 hours.

In addition, you may notice an improvement straight away but please do not worry if you don’t.  Everyone responds differently and some shifts are so subtle they take time to become apparent..  

crystal Therapy Healing by distance

Crystal healing can be provided as distance healing as well as in person. 

For a distance or remote session, the consultation can take place via video or phone which also enables me to connect with your energy.

Similarly, a recent photograph can also be used.

Distance healing is perfect if you can’t or don’t want to travel, or if you are in another part of the world.

For example, it can be done whilst you are still in your PJs if that is what you prefer!

It has become far more popular since Covid 19 especially as the results are the same. 

I would, however, recommend booking a time when you can sit or lie back and relax, without being disturbed.

Finally, the session then takes place in the same way as in-person therapy.

crystal healing

How can Crystal Healing be used?

RGT Crystal Healing

Physical Healing

Although crystals heal the body as a whole, there are specific crystals beneficial to physical healing.

Physical pain can be the result of an emotional or mental imbalance, such as a headache from stress, so it is important treat the cause too.

A bit of science: as the mass of energy increases, the frequency decreases and vibration slows.

Therefore, as the physical body is very dense, crystals with a slower vibration are needed.

Consequently, crystals need to be as near to the pain or injury as possible and for as long as possible.  It is for that reason, these crystals are placed first before any crystals for emotional or spiritual healing.

Examples of physical symptoms that can benefit from crystal therapy including arthritis, fertility, indigestion, muscle tension, sore throat, PMS and general pain.

RGT Crystal Healing

Emotional & Mental Healing

Emotional or mental healing is probably what crystals are most known for.

As our emotional body is much less dense with  a higher frequency, crystals with a higher vibration are needed.  These crystals also need much less time to work. 

Generally, these crystals are placed along the main chakras as opposed to a specific part of the body.

By way of example, crystal therapy is great for supporting issues such as anxiety, boundaries, clarity and focus, career changes, confidence, depression, fear, grief, jealously, letting go, transition. There are, of course, many more.

RGT Crystal Healing

Spiritual Healing

Crystals can also be used to enhance your spiritual growth, support you during times of transition and transformation, as well as helping to clear your energy.

This type of therapy focuses more on the first four layers of the aura and your connection to your higher self.

Additionally this therapy helps cut cords whilst sealing any “holes” that have been formed as a result.

For example, you have an argument with someone and a connection or cord has been formed.  If the other person continually thinks about you in a negative manner or fuels their feelings about the argument, this strengthens the connection allowing those negative thoughts and feelings to flow back through to you.   This in turn starts to effect your own emotional and mental state.  Think about all those times you weren’t feeling great but you couldn’t put your finger on it.  This could be why. 

This kind of therapy is great for karmic healing, boosting your intuition, helping you realise your life purpose, and manifesting.

Examples of how crystals can support

rose quartz and sage

Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can manifest in the body in a variety of ways.  Crystals can help with both the physical and emotional symptoms. 

Certain crystals can help calm and soothe, others can help reduce negative thoughts and feelings. 

quartz and howlite


Headaches is an example of a physical symptom that can occur for a variety of reasons, and on occasion for no reason at all!

Crystals can help with the pain that comes along with a headache, but we would also look at potential causes such as stress or tension. 

red jasper


Depression is a mental or emotional state that can be supported by crystal therapy.

Crystals can help relieve depression in a number of ways, whether it be to improve self love, increase self confidence, remove negative energy or creating more joy. 

mixed quartz


Not surprisingly, there are a number of reasons why we feel fatigued.  You could be burning the candle at both ends, or be on the verge of burnout! 

Crystals can help with dealing with insomnia, increasing energy, help to release emotional tiredness