Oracle Card Readings

What are Oracle Cards?

What are oracle cards?

A bit of history...

Oracle Cards are an ancient form of divination and get their name from ancient Greece. 

It was believed that the Gods spoke through the Oracle, and consequently, visitors bring offerings to the Oracle in exchange for answers. 

There are many different types of oracle cards including Tarot. 

Readings are a great way to tap into your intuition, for instance, to help find those answers that your subconscious filters out.  Often the answers are right in front of us.  However, because we don’t have the time or space to check in with our spiritual support team, we generally miss the signs.

After all, our conscious minds are constantly learning from our life experiences, yet we are programmed to ignore our instincts.   

It is, however,  difficult to change those thought patterns.  However, doing so takes back our power, consequently breaking negative thought patterns and bringing our hopes and desires within our grasp.

How can you use Oracle Cards?

How to use oracle cards

By asking the right question,

you can find out exactly what you really want to know. The right question can show you which path to take or what energy needs to shift.

Everybody sees something different in the cards and interpretations depend on how you are feeling or what is going on in your life. For instance, even the same card will have a different meaning on any given day.

Using oracle cards is a great way to tap into your intuition and, as a result, find those answers that your subconscious mind has hidden. 

Above all, oracle cards can provide guidance on anything relating to you, therefore, the response will always be personal to you.

How can Oracle Cards Support?

How oracle cards can support

Oracle cards are great for self-care

Firstly, I use Oracle Cards as a tool to connect with your spiritual support team. 

By taking the time to create and ask the right question, the cards will provide the guidance you need. 

Secondly, I use oracle cards for personal development, for example, a self-help tool or a way to tap into advice on self-care. 

The cards often reflect what you already knew to be true, however, confirmation or a different perspective was needed. 

Everyone at some point or other struggles with issues in their life.  For example, questions such as which direction or path should I take, or which choice should I make, can be a minefield. 

As a result of all these decisions, we can feel generally overwhelmed.  In other words, obstacles appear before us that just feel insurmountable or like smog.  You just cannot see the other side.

Clear and personal Oracle Card Readings

Clear and personal

By asking questions, we are given clarity around strengths and struggles, making sense of a situation, and, therefore, ideas on how to move forward.  In short, oracle cards can tell you what you really want to know.   

Oracle Cards can shine the light on that one thing that sparks passion in you and, therefore, create a clear path through that smog.

Your conscious mind has been taught a lot over the years, for example to distrust your instincts and inner thoughts.  However, by using oracle cards, we can help shift that programming and provide the tools to help you learn to trust yourself and your intuition again.  

By paying attention you can start having the life you want – it is all right there inside of you.

How I read Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Academy Readings

The Oracle Card Academy method

I learned to read Oracle Cards with the amazing Ros Place. 

Ros is an Oracle Card Reader and Guardian Angel Communicator and her dream is to help other people learn to read Oracle Cards using a patented formula and without the need to be psychic.

Although I consider myself to be intuitive, psychic I am not.

I, therefore, joined the Oracle Card Academy ( in 2018 and subsequently trained to become an OCA Gold Certified Reader and Creator. 

The OCA method of reading isn’t just about what is seen in a particular card. For example, it also involves participation from the person having the reading to help frame the most important question for them at that time.  

During the reading, we discuss what the participant sees in the cards and what that means for them in relation to the question. 

We then take all these components, along with my intuition and coaching skills, to help frame the perfect supportive Oracle Card Reading. 

Types of Readings Available

Rose Gold Therapies Oracle Card Readings 6 month

6 Month Reading

This is a great way to ask for guidance over a particular period of time. You can have a general “what do I need to know” reading or one more specific and personal. This would be an “umbrella” question, looked at in detail month by month.

Rose Gold Therapies Oracle Card Readings 3 card

3 Card Reading

This reading is perfect for looking at 3 elements of a particular subject, such as past, present, and future.

Other readings include mind, body, and soul; thoughts, feelings, and actions; and healing, accepting, and releasing.

Rose Gold Therapies Chakra Targeted Balancing

Specialist Readings

I created different specialised readings to look at different aspects of life.

There will be an umbrella question for the body of the reading, with each card having its own question to form the full picture.

The readings available include Self-Care, Personal Growth, Overcoming Obstacles, Stress and Anxiety, and Inner Peace

Rose Gold Therapies Oracle Card Readings Specialist

Chakra Readings

This is a reading I created to look at the health of your chakras. 

I have created my own Oracle Card Deck for this purpose and the cards are designed to help identify chakras that require some TLC, as well as ideas to help achieve balance and health.