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How it all began

I have had an interest in spirituality since my first tarot reading back in 1995 shortly after my mum passed away.  

However, it was not until I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004 that I was introduced to the world of holistic therapy. 

To be honest, I had never even heard of reiki but a good friend offered me a session to help with my chemotherapy symptoms.

In spite of this, I approached the session with an open mind and I was staggered by the results.  Reiki not only took away my nausea, but it also helped me feel less anxious.  Similarly, it reduced my treatment-induced hot flushes and helped me sleep better.

First came Reiki

Because I was so impressed, I trained to become a Reiki Master back in 2007 although I only used it on myself and my family. 

However, a second diagnosis of Breast Cancer in 2019 put me on my current path – a different but equally harrowing journey.

Consequently, to help me navigate this voyage, I began looking into other holistic and spiritual practices to join my self-reiki treatments and was instantly drawn to crystal therapy and oracle cards. 

Then came Oracle Cards...

The positive guidance that oracle cards gave, provided me with focus and encouragement. 

As a result, I joined The Oracle Card Academy® and qualified as an OCA® Gold Certified Reader and OCA® Creator, teaching the OCA method of oracle card interpretation. 

And finally...

Alongside these two modalities, I also completed the Pro Crystal Healer course offered by Krista Mitchell (The original Rock Whisperer) because I totally love how these beautiful shiny stones can affect and heal so many different issues. 

Altogether, these holistic therapies provided me with immense support through a particularly difficult part of my life.  It is for this reason that I wish to help others overcome their own obstacles, whether that be a chronic or terminal illness or something else entirely – no challenge is too small to conquer together!

Why come and see me?

Rose Gold Therapies

Reiki Master / Teacher since 2009

Rose Gold Therapies

Pro Crystal Healer and Oracle Card Academy Graduate and Creator 

Rose Gold Therapies

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